Frantic 911 calls detail deadly shooting of newborn

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, North Carolina -- New details have emerged after 911 calls were released from a shooting that killed a newborn Friday night.

Agonizing cries and piercing screams could be heard as 911 operators were bombarded with several calls from Cricket Road.

"Please help me. A shot went off," one caller told dispatchers.

That single gunshot shattered the window next to the front door, striking a three-week-old baby.

When the operator asked where the person who fired the shot was, the caller detailed what happened.

"He just picked up a bag and didn't know what was in it," the caller explained. "He didn't mean to. It was in the bag of my husband's and he just picked it up and it just went off."

Dispatchers desperately tried to keep the caller and those in the background calm as they gave instructions for the caller to stop the baby's bleeding.

"Get a clean dry cloth and place it on the wound. Press down firmly and don't lift it up to look," the operator said.

Despite those efforts from the caller and first responders, the baby girl died.

Back at the home, residents welcomed ABC11 inside. However, they were too shaken up to talk with reporters on camera.

They asked that we silence our mics as they explained what they described as a tragic accident.

The case is still under investigation.
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