Houston woman with multiple sclerosis says she's determined to stay fit

Monday, May 24, 2021
Woman with multiple sclerosis determined to stay fit
Danielle Koblinksi is as fit as they come, but her condition sometimes makes it difficult. Still, that doesn't stop her from inspiring others. When one door closes, she opens another.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston woman who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis says her condition is not going to stop her from finding purpose in life, especially as someone who identifies as an athlete.

Danielle Koblinksi is as fit as they come. She is a yoga and cycling instructor, and she uses her diagnosis as a way to help and inspire others.

In spring 2016, she said she started getting symptoms that she could no longer ignore. Koblinksi battled with fatigue, vision problems and issues with her balance. She eventually went to the emergency room.

"It looks like the beginning stages of MS," Koblinski said. "After that, I spent five days in the hospital."

After some medication, she said things leveled off until 10 months ago when she suffered her first relapse.

"It affected my walking, which I am trying to rehab right now in my right leg. There is video of me running on a treadmill which I never thought I would do again. Learning how to jump is wild," she said.

She has done the MS-150 every year since her diagnosis and has even bigger plans beyond that.

"If I can't ever physically win the race, I sure can win the person raising the most money," Koblinksi said.

Koblinksi is also a dancer and used those skills to tackle the disease with passion.

"When someone tells you you can't do something, you figure out what you can do and do that 800%. So, I can't ride a two-wheel bike, cool, what can I do? If one day I cannot ride with my legs, we have a hand-cycle. There are so many people walking around that never find their life purpose until they are much older. Thank God, I found life purpose at 28," she said.

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