Come and enjoy more than Cracker Jacks at the Astros affiliate Space Cowboys at Constellation Field

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Ben Hill has 'Ben' there and done that when it comes to Minor League Baseball stadiums.

"This is the 183rd minor league ballpark of my career," Hill, who writes about the business and culture of Minor League Baseball for, explained during an interview Thursday.

This is his first trip to Sugar Land, where he is given a taste of Constellation Field - home of the Space Cowboys. Various food and drinks are brought out for Ben to taste, rate, review and then write about as he explores America through Minor League Baseball.

But there's a curveball.

Hill was diagnosed with Celiac disease 10 years ago, which is an allergy to gluten. So while the teams on the field in Triple-A employ a designated hitter, Hill employs a designated eater.

"I recruit one at every ballpark I visit," Hill explained. "They eat the ballpark cuisine my gluten-free diet prohibits."

On Thursday Houstonian Mike Lockrdige earned the D.E. title

"Probably one of the best things I've been asked to do in a long time," Lockridge said while smiling.

But even if you or someone in your family needs a designated eater but doesn't have one, executive chef David Browne says he takes pride in accommodating fans at Constellation Field.

"You want to be able to go out and have fun and eat when everyone else is eating," Browne pointed out. "So we should make it approachable. That makes more people want to come out and be here at a stadium in the middle of a neighborhood."

So bring a friend - or a designated eater to see the Astros' Triple-A affiliate play in Sugar Land.
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