Cancer patient must pay ski bills even after diagnosis

ARVADA, Colorado (KTRK) -- Many in Colorado look to purchase season passes to ski at numerous resorts throughout the year. While Michael Cookson is an avid skiier, hitting the slopes more than 50 times last year, an unexpected turn of events forced him to take a break.

Cookson was diagnosed with prostate cancer that spread to his bones. He looked to cancel his ski pass because of it. This pass costs $899 and is automatically renewed annually.

Once he reached out to Vail Resorts in hopes of canceling the ski pass, his request was denied. Cookson told Denver7 it was "kind of petty and greedy."

In a statement, Vail Resorts said there was a $25 pass insurance that could've prevented him from paying the fees. Cookson did not pay the extra money and wants it to be a lesson for others.
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