METRO bus driver charged after woman was hit and killed in north Harris County

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A METRO bus driver has been charged with criminal negligent homicide after police say he hit and killed a woman crossing the street.

According to METRO police, Octavio Martinez, 58, is the man charged. He has driven a METRO bus for 27 years.

The accident happened just after 7 a.m. at the intersection of Peakwood and Red Oak Drive, next to Northwest Medical Center.

Investigators say the woman had just gotten off a different METRO bus and was crossing the street on Peakwood when she was run over.

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A spokesperson with METRO says Martinez was turning onto Peakwood from Red Oak when he hit the woman. The spokesperson says Martinez drove around the stopped bus the woman had exited.

Co-workers of the woman tell ABC13 she was a cook at the Little Stars Academy nearby. They say she worked at the daycare for a little more than two years.

A woman who was on the first bus with the victim saw the woman as she was hit.

She did not want to give her name. She says, after the accident, she got off the bus and tried to help and heard the driver about being late.
"'I was behind schedule, I didn't see her,' [said the bus driver]. Of course, you aren't going to see her, the street is dark. That's not her problem the street is dark. You're behind schedule, that's not her fault you're behind schedule," the eyewitness said.

We asked a METRO spokesperson about that.

"I'm not sure in terms of on time, whether or not the bus was late or early," said Tracy Jackson with METRO. "I'd have to check in terms of the schedule. I don't have that information readily available."

The name of the woman killed has not been released.

METRO confirms that cameras on the bus were recording.

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