Parents told to monitor kids for symptoms after possible mercury exposure

DAYTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Some children may have been exposed to mercury found near a school bus stop in Dayton, police say.

A small amount of the toxic substance was found Monday around 5 p.m. in the parking lot of the Cedar Ridge apartments on Winfree Street, where there's also a school bus stop, according to a Facebook post from the Dayton Police Department.

A hazardous materials team contained the substance and decontaminated the area, deeming it safe.

Authorities also tested the school bus that serves the location and said it was not contaminated.

However, Dayton police said parents should also monitor their children for symptoms such as headaches or eye and throat irritation.

More information on symptoms and treatment can be found at

You can also call the national Poison Control hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

Parents of children who may have been exposed to the mercury and are concerned about their clothing and shoes can place them outside to help the potential mercury evaporate, wash the clothing twice in a washing machine or simply throw them away.

Officials are still trying to find out the origins of the chemical.
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