Meet the man who trains George Springer and other MLB stars

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- How do top MLB players work out?

Here's a hint: a lot harder than you or I do!

Ben Fairchild trains dozens of professional athletes, including both Astros star George Springer and Nationals star Anthony Rendon, at his Memorial area facility, Fairchild Sports Performance.

"These guys were born to play at this level and I think it would be so foolish to think we have anything to do with that," explained Fairchild. "At best, we find some creative ways to ensure their health a little bit to let their talents flourish."

Fairchild trains athletes of all ages.

"In professional baseball terms, George being 30 years old, Anthony being 29, they're sort of middle aged," he explained. "They're at a place in their careers where physically things start to change often."

Exercises are designed to extend careers by focusing on mobility and sequencing.

And, there's another reason Fairchild is in such high demand. He won't spill many details on athlete training programs, or even admit which team he's rooting for in this year's World Series.

"With my hands in my pockets last night because, of course, we're sensitive to supporting both," he laughed.

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