What's cuter than a baby meerkat? Six baby meerkats

SYDNEY, Australia -- A meerkat mother has her paws full after delivering the largest litter of pups in the history of the Taronga Zoo in Australia.

Mother Nairobi delivered six pups last month, which surprised zookeepers since meerkats normally deliver three to four pups.

"We knew that Nairobi was bigger than she was during her previous pregnancies, but we definitely weren't expecting six pups! Meerkats usually give birth to three to four pups, so mum certainly has her paws full this time," zookeeper Courtney Mahony said in a statement on Tuesday.

The pups have been exploring their enclosure and mom, Nairobi, is getting a lot of babysitting help from zookeepers and the pups' dad.

The baby meerkats still do not have names, and their genders have not been revealed.

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