Sneaky burglars find new way to break into homes undetected in Fort Bend County

Saturday, February 27, 2016
Burglars find new way to break into homes
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There's been a rise in burglaries where the crooks are breaking into Fort Bend County homes through the master bathroom.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A homeowner in Missouri City recently had their home broken into through the window of the master bathroom. That home is located in the Riverstone area.

The resident was not comfortable talking on camera. But, they told abc13 that their alarm system, including this glass break sensor, did not detect the intruder. We found it may depend on where that sensor is located.

Maren Harbour from Connect One Security said, "When a break in happens from the master bath this window is sometimes single pane and when it actually shatters it's isn't as loud as our other Windows. That's why you have a glass break detector that's specifically for the window right above it. "

Putting security cameras in your home is one option to protect your things, but there's also something else you can do to keep criminals out.

Adding one more safeguard could throw thieves off, if the glass break sensor fails.

"Motion detector reacts to anyone walking by," Harbour said.

Sgt. Tiffaney Budnik from the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department agreed that taking any extra precautions is a good idea. The average cost for a motion detector is $100 to $150.

Budnik added, "Sometimes different companies they'll have a different cost for that, but like I said before it's definitely in everybody's best interest if they can and pay that extra cost to get that extra services."