ABC13's beloved Marvin Zindler reads children's stories

When it comes to entertaining your children during the COVID-19 crisis, we've got a famous face from the past.

ABC13's Marvin Zindler, beloved Action 13 consumer reporter, used to have a regular weekly segment on Eyewitness News for Kids where he read children's stories.

While Marvin is gone, his life and legacy live on in the hearts of Houstonians. Marvin loved reading the children's stories each week on the news show targeted to elementary school age children that aired from about 1993 to 1998.

For those of you who remember, or for anyone looking for great old news stories told like only Marvin could, download our streaming app on Fire TV, Roku, or your favorite streaming service.

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During his weekly segment reading children's stories, Marvin Zindler used to love to pull little pranks, like this one with an extra 'guest' on his shoulder.

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Years ago, our beloved Marvin Zindler had a regular Saturday morning segment reading children's books, including Not So Rotten Ralph.

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The late Marvin Zindler loved his weekly segment of reading children's books

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Enjoy a unique children's storytelling opportunity from the late Marvin Zinder!

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