Suspect named after 3 bodies found in search for missing Angleton family

ANGLETON, Texas (KTRK) -- Authorities have named a suspect after remains were found in Wharton County.

According to a press release from the Wharton County Sheriff's Office, a warrant has been issued for Robert Satterfield. He has been charged on three counts of murder.

Henry Floyd Sr. says Satterfield shares a son with his daughter. He was letting him stay with him in his rural Wharton County home for a couple of weeks.

"I was just trying to help him until he saved enough money to get his own place," said Floyd.

But Floyd says he noticed something strange. The 36-year-old suddenly had a car.

"I knew he was burning trash but I knew that shouldn't have still been going on," Floyd said. "I saw him in the girls' car and I said where did you get the car from? He said 'I'm using it for a while.'"

About 30 miles away in Angleton, the family of Maya Rivera worried they hadn't heard from her, Ray Shawn Hudson Sr. or their 5-year-old son Ray Shawn Jr. since Sunday, June 10.

Floyd says he made Satterfield leave after learning about the car.

Deputies pulled Satterfield over not long after and arrested him on other charges. Floyd says investigators questioned him first but after speaking to Satterfield in jail, he told detectives the bodies of the three were at the site.

Investigators said the remains had been burned but they believe they are from the family.

Satterfield is charged with three counts of murder. According to online state records, he has a 15-year criminal history including theft, assault, evading arrest and terroristic threat charges.

Family members of the victims say Satterfield knew Hudson from time in prison.

Floyd says he's a father and grandfather himself and he wants to make sure the victims' families always have a place to remember Maya, Ray Shawn Sr. and their innocent son.

"We'll put a fence around it and it will be for them. Nobody else. It's on the Floyd property but it's going to be their place until eternity," said Floyd.
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