Mechanic wins $10M with lottery scratch-off, immediately retires and donates to St. Jude

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Thursday, April 4, 2019
Mechanic wins $10M with lottery scratch-off in Granville County
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A Granville County man is our state's newest millionaire after winning a $10 million scratch off prize.

RALEIGH, North Carolina -- A Granville County man is North Carolina's newest millionaire after winning a $10 million scratch off prize.

He purchased the $30 Colossal Cash ticket at the Mini Mart after performing a mundane chore.

"Left home. Went to carry the trash out to the landfill. I thought, I'm going to buy me a ticket," Theodore Duncan said at ceremonial check presentation at NC Education Lottery headquarters in Raleigh.

Duncan said he always scratches off only the top of each circle to reveal the number to see if he has a match.

If so, he then scratches off the bottom to reveal the amount of the prize.

In this case he saw a dollar sign so he knew he won something.

"I said well at least I won my money back on the ticket. I scratched it off and it was $10 million. I just said--I looked at myself and said, 'I won. I won. I won.'"

The room filled with lottery employees and media representatives erupted in laughter.

Duncan continued to entertain the crowd with his answers like when he was asked if he was still working.

"I just retired. I've been working since I was about 15 years old. I just retired."

He pointed out that he liked his job as a mechanic and hopes someone deserving can take it over.

"That's one reason I retired. Somebody else needs a job; hopefully they'll get it, because I had a good job, very good job. I worked for a great company," the 52-year-old said.

He will take home $4,600,000 after taxes on a lump sum payout.

He plans to buy a new home with a pool and some nice gifts for his kids, grandkids, and brothers.

When the ceremony was over and everyone was about to leave, Duncan held up his hand and said he wanted to say one more thing.

"I plan to donate $100,000 to St. Jude's," he announced.

That elicited numerous sighs and a round of applause.