A 'COVID miracle': Pennsylvania man heads home after 210-day battle with virus

ELKINS PARK, Pennsylvania -- After a 210-day battle with COVID-19, Wednesday was an emotional day for a Pennsylvania man who was released from a rehab center.

David Louis, 42, is not out of the woods yet, but he is on his way to recovery at home after leaving the facility outside of Philadelphia.

Louis was admitted to the hospital back in September with a case of COVID-19 that was so severe, he had only 12% lung capacity.

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Doctors said his lungs collapsed several times, and he required multiple surgeries.

Louis also suffered seizures, strokes and a traumatic brain injury that left him almost paralyzed on the left side.

He also had to relearn how to do everything, from speaking, to eating and swallowing food and pills, moving his limbs and dressing himself.

His medical team called him a COVID-19 miracle.

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Louis, a police department employee, is now permanently disabled. He can't walk and requires oxygen, but he's taking it one day at a time and is so happy to finally go home after 210 days.

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