Texans sign offensive lineman Tunsil to huge contract

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Everyone is sure the Texans paid too much to get the deal done with left tackle Laremy Tunsil. The contract terms arereported at three years and $66 million, with $50 million guaranteed. That number shatters the NFL ceiling for the highest paid tackle.

That number was $18 million a year for Lane Johnson. Not anymore.

The positives? The three-year-contract is an extension of the contract Tunsil already had in place, so he'll protect Deshaun Watson through the 2023 season. The Texans are also now free to turn their full attention to Watson's mega-contract extension.

Keep this in mind for every move the Texans make -- Bill O'Brien's analytics place a value on every trait for every player and every position on the team. He doesn't think he overpaid for Tunsil. Time will tell.
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