Humble's Lamp Monkey turns the unused into home furnishings

HUMBLE, Texas -- It started with a boat motor lamp. When Lamp Monkey owner Lee Kendrick first laid eyes on a lamp made from an old boat motor, he thought, "I can build that."

Despite his lack of experience in welding, crafting or electrical work, Kendrick said he spent the next few weeks toiling away in his garage to build a similar lamp.

"If you know me, once it's on my brain, it's done," Kendrick said.

Building rustic lighting fixtures quickly became Kendrick's hobby, but when the hobby began taking over his family's garage, Kendrick's wife suggested he sell his creations. Kendrick founded Lamp Monkey in 2012 and began selling his industrial yet urban lighting fixtures, furniture and home decor at nearby trade shows.

As the sole designer and creator at Lamp Monkey, Kendrick said he strives to turn ordinary items-such as vehicles, old bicycles and fans-into one-of-a-kind pieces. Popular items include couches from tailgates and tables from old bikes.

You can see the wares that Lamp Monkey creates in the heart of Humble by visiting our Community Impact Newspaper.

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