Mario Elie reflects on 25th Anniversary of the 'Kiss of Death'

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It is one of the most iconic plays in Houston sports history.

Wednesday marks the 25th anniversary of Mario Elie's Kiss of Death, known as the shot that sent the Houston Rockets to the 1995 Western Conference finals, and eventually, their second straight NBA championship.

The moment etched Elie's place as an iconic figure that changed the world of Houston sports.

"When people see me, they don't say my name," said Elie during an interview with ABC13. "They say, 'Whats up, Kiss of Death?' They don't say Mario or junkyard dog."

As for the origin of the kiss, Elie said it was just some friendly trash talking.

"Me and Joe Klein were messing with each other," said Elie. "He would score and blow me a kiss, I'd score and blow him a kiss. It was all in fun, but of course, you know who got the last kiss. The most important kiss. That is the guy I looked at. When I hit the shot, I am focusing on Joe Klein. I watched him turn red on that Phoenix bench."

In the video below, ABC13's David Nuno speaks with Elie on that precious moment in time.
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In the video above, ABC13's David Nuno speaks with Nuno one-on-one about what went through his head at that exact moment in 1995.

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