Students sickened after eating brownies laced with sexual enhancer

CLINTON, Wisconsin -- Three students at a Wisconsin high school brought brownies to school, baked with an extra ingredient.

It was meant to be a prank. But five of their classmates weren't laughing, after getting sick from eating the dessert.

Prosecutors are looking into whether the teens responsible should face charges.

Clinton Police Chief Dave Hooker told WISC-TV, "It's just a very stupid, unfortunate prank that really went horribly bad."

The students baked brownies laced with Zyrexin, an over-the-counter dietary supplement marketed as a sexual enhancer.

After eating the brownies, the students reported feeling sick and jittery. Two were sent to the hospital for treatment.

In a letter sent to parents and posted on Facebook, the school district says it does not condone the "reckless behavior" that "endangered the health and safety of other students."