Hot car hacks to keep your car cool

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- This intense summer heat is not only dangerous, it's also uncomfortable, especially when you have to drive in it. So what's the best way to cool off your car quickly? We learned some "hot car hacks" from a mechanic who helps overheated cars and overheated drivers.

"It's a good idea to crack your window just a little bit to get that heat out of your car," mechanic Sam Elnahas said.

When you park in the sun, Elnahas advises that you should keep a window open to let the air circulate. When you return to your car, push the hot air out from the bottom using the lower vents.

"Turn your AC on the floor well vent. The heat rises up, so when you turn the AC at that level it pushes the hot air out, and gets you the cool air," he explains.

If your seatbelt and steering wheel are too hot to touch, spray water on it. Evaporation will help cool it off. And yes, the color of your car does make a difference.

Elnahas used a temperature gun to measure heat readings inside a white car and a black car. The white car's temperature was 95 degrees, and the black car's was 130 degrees. But even if you choose to drive a black car, you can still keep it cool by checking your fluids before you even get behind the wheel.

"Check your (coolant). Make sure it is full to the top and the car is cooling the way it is supposed to," Elnahas says.

And if your car overheats, Elnahas recommends you turn the heater on to remove heat from the engine. Then pull over in a safe place, open the hood to release the heat and turn the engine off. Do not drive your car while it is overheating.

The only thing worse than a hot car is a car that doesn't run at all.
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