20 YEARS OF CHANGE: See how far Katy Mills Mall has come since it opened in 1999

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- If you haven't been to Katy Mills Mall in a while, you might not recognize some parts of the 20-year-old shopping center.

The mall, which opened in 1999, just underwent a multi-million dollar interior renovation, which includes interior upgrades to the flooring, food court, and lighting to make it more modern.

Katy Mills General Manager James Ross says he's also focused on technology for shoppers on-the-go, with a large portion of the seating and dining area tables featuring charging stations for tablets and cell phones.

But aside from the aesthetics and making sure you don't miss a moment to stay plugged in, what else is the mall doing for families? Adding a spark of Mickey Mouse magic to the play area with the help of Disney engineers.

"Our corporate, along with Disney, selected Agency 808, a design and install team to develop a concept for approval, and worked with us on implementing designs and elements to fit the needs of our play area," Ross explains.

That means kids being able to play on a dancing piano, listening to music at the Mickey Mouse archway and touch screens.

Helping you find the best deals are a part of the major changes too, Ross adds, thanks to digital directories.

With those, you can search by store and check if it's offering any deals or special events.

If you prefer to give your wallet a break with shopping, the AMC 20 that opened at the mall in 1999 is still there, but also with a makeover.

Along with an interior renovation, Ross says, "They upgraded their seating to reclined leather seating that you are able to reserve ahead of the movie. They also added the McGuffin's Bar for adults to purchase their favorite beverage to drink while watching the movie."

So whether you go to Katy Mills to just kick it at the movies, or you want to see the offers at the more than 200 stores inside the mall, Ross says it's all about keeping the community happy since it's helped keep the mall as a mainstay in Katy for two decades.

"We continue to believe in this community, and Katy believes in us. They've always supported us and we've always supported them, so we wanted to continue to evolve and grow with Katy," Ross said. "Katy itself is going through this massive growth period, and we wanted to continue to adapt with them and really provide the best experience for Katy."

Ross told ABC13 more stores are opening soon at the mall, including Helzberg Diamond's, Champs, and Windsor.

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