Company promises to bottle your loved one's scent after they have died

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Monday, March 7, 2016
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French company Kalain promises to bottle your loved one's scent after they have died

Smell is one of the brain's strongest links to memory and for just $609, you can bottle the smell of the recently departed.

Katia Apalategui came up with the idea for Kalain, as her father lay dying eight years ago. Kalain promises to bring comfort to those missing the scent of a deceased love one - by turning it into a perfume.

Apalategui found a team of chemists who developed the technology to replicate the exact smell of her father and then bottle it. The chemists are from the University of Le Havre and have developed a technique of reproducing a person's scent from their clothing over a period of four days.

To kick it off, the client sends Kalain a piece of fabric or article of clothing that the person - or animal - they miss has had a lot of contact with. The bottle of the chemically engineered scent is only 10 milliliters, which is about the size of a small dropper of eye drops - Kalain emphasizes that they're making scents to enjoy once in awhile, not perfumes to wear.

However, the perfume can be used for more than remembering someone who is recently departed. The company also offers a box scent designed for a "temporary absence" like a long-distance relationship or working mothers who want to stay connected to their children.

The "temporary absence" scent and one for a "definite absence" a.k.a. the deceased both cost $609.