In custody: The day-to-day life inside the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center

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Thursday, February 23, 2017
Inside the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center
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A day-to-day look at life inside the Harris County Juvenile Justice Center.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Life on the outside consists of living with no boundaries and enjoying the freedoms of the world. For those on the other side of the Harris County Juvenile Detention Center, life is the complete opposite.

Walk inside the center and you will find 210 cells. A view of the outside world is all but a dream, with most juveniles not allowed outside.

After six months, that special privilege is granted with a restriction.

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Interested in learning? School is done inside the four walls of the center.

Want to see any family? No family photos are allowed, and if visits are granted, those are 30 minute periods. Everything is done inside the unit -- anything from using the bathroom to eating.

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Along with the aforementioned, a comfortable night of sleep is all but a distant memory. Out of 250 total juveniles inside, there are only 210 cells. You do the math and there are at least 40 kids who are forced to sleep on cots, which are referred to as "bunks."

Even then, that's not enough.