RV summer vacation trend explodes due to COVID-19 pandemic

Although RV'ing is nothing new, it has become the latest vacation trend, since it allows families to quarantine on the road and enjoy the outdoors.

It can be a struggle to make summer vacation plans during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sawyer family has traveled all over Texas, but this summer, they've taken their RV to Mohican State Park in Ohio, with some simple vacation goals: "Get away, get outdoors, get out of quarantine mode but still practice good social distancing," Audrey Sawyer, a mother and camping enthusiast said.

The Sawyer's three girls --all under 7 years old -- get to bike, play in the hammock, picnic, and most importantly these days, enjoy a change of scenery.

More families are jumping on the camping bandwagon, and RV rental companies are seeing a spike in business this travel season.

"We're now up 1,000 percent over where we were at the beginning of April, and we think that is driven heavily by the fact that people want to travel still, but they don't want to travel in crowded places," Jon Gray, the CEO of RVSHARE, said.

Without the need to be in shared public spaces, RV'ing allows families like the Sawyers to enjoy a summer adventure, while limiting exposure to germs.

If you are interested in a rental, Outdoorsy is a global market place for motor homes and campers. Rentals range from $99 a night to about $500.

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