Here's how you can land a job paying $22 an hour during ABC13's virtual job fair

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Friday, July 31, 2020
How you can land a job paying $22 an hour
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We host virtual job fairs just like the one in the video above every Thursday, so if you're currently looking for work, watch to see how Workforce Solutions can help you today.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're looking for a job, we hosted a virtual job fair highlighting some positions paying $22 an hour.

Each week since April, ABC13 has partnered with Workforce Solutions to offer immediate jobs in the area.

This week, there are nearly 200 jobs on the line. The positions are in Houston, Sugar Land, and Cleburne.

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Employers are looking for food preparers, carpenters, cement masons, flatbed CDL drivers, tractor operators and production employees.

The pay ranges from $10 to $22 an hour. Workforce Solutions recruiters continue to stand by to take applicants' information.

If you qualify, recruiters will contact you within the coming days, and you could have an interview as early as next week. Our virtual job fairs have helped more than 500 people get interviews, and more than a dozen are back at work.

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If you want to explore more about jobs found in Thursday's virtual job fair, click here.

Looking for a job might be more crucial than ever before because the weekly $600 unemployment benefit ended last week in Texas. So far, federal lawmakers haven't decided on whether to extend the benefit.

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