Family and friends hold memorial for Jessica Cain

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- After nearly two decades of wondering what happened to Jessica Cain, her family held a visitation for her Saturday.

The popular 17-year-old disappeared in 1997 and for nearly two decades there were no arrests or no signs of the teenager.

Then, convicted kidnapper and accused murderer, William Reece, came forward. He led authorities to a field on E. Orem Road near Hobby Airport, claiming he had buried Cain's body there.

After an exhaustive search, then identification process, investigators confirmed that the bones recovered are Cain's.

The Harris County Medical Examiner confirms DNA led to the identification. Cain was 17 years old when she vanished in 1997. Suspected serial killer, William Reece, led authorities to where he buried her body in a field on E. Orem Road near Hobby Airport.

Family and friends of Cain say that the visitation to find closure and share memories. The line to get into Allison Funeral Services in Liberty stretched all the way into the street.

"It's good to know that's she's at peace and it's good to know where she's at. It's no longer a mystery, it's no longer a question," said Katelin Cain, Jessica's cousin.

"I think everybody knew that it was best," said Pat Teltschik, Jessica's drama teacher. "Twenty years is way too long to be searching for someone. It's over now and that's the good part."

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