Family shocked after man killed by Harris County deputy

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The family of former Oklahoma State University football player Jeray Chatham is shocked after he was shot and killed by a Harris County deputy.

"The guy started to back up little by little and the cop started coming towards him," said witness Angel Cisneros. "The guy turned around and started taking off. Cop ran towards him, they were coming my way."

Chatham grew up in Spring. He graduated from Westfield High School and got a full scholarship to Oklahoma State, where he was a defensive team captain.

His criminal record is spotless until February of this year. That's when family says he and his girlfriend of eight years broke up.

Chatham was arrested for allegedly assaulting her in February. A protective order was ordered that same day. Then, in April, he was arrested for allegedly breaking into her home.

In August, he was arrested again, accused of trespassing on her property.

Each time he was released on bond.

On Tuesday, deputies say the same ex-girlfriend called in, saying Chatham was following her.

"Emotions got caught up in somebody he really loved and truly loved," said his father, Ray Chatham. "Just couldn't walk away from her."

Deputies say Chatham ran from them, stripped down to his underwear, and then lunged at a deputy.

Claiming to fear for his life, a deputy, who HSCO hasn't identified yet, shot Chatham twice.

"How is running away causing him to fear for his life?" asked Ray Chatham. "Somebody has to explain that to me."

"You don't ever expect this will happen to your family," said his sister, Sheneice Segobin. "You see it on the news and everybody can make comments, but my brother is not no thug."
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