Community Impact delivering hyper-local news since 2005

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's a unique way millions are getting their news: hyper-local.

"I think it's important that they get that hyper-local information because they may wonder what's happening around the corner," says Kelly Schafler, editor for the Lake Houston edition of Community Impact.

Community Impact started in 2005, and is media partners with ABC13. It serves nearly 3 million people in Texas, Arizona and Tennessee and more than a million in the greater Houston area.

"We're not some media conglomerate like swooping in to just cover the flooding stories. We're there for you. [We] know all the local things that our residents really care about," says Schafler.

The staff covers everything from local businesses opening to city council meetings.

"We care about the new business that's coming in down the street, you know we care about all these little moving parts of city government," expressed Schafler.

When the newspaper started in Texas, it only had three full-time employees. Its mission is to continue providing hyper-local journalism.

"Of course, there's news taking place all over Houston, but we want to deliver news to the mailbox of a residence that truly impacts their life," explained Lake Houston edition general manager, Emily Heineman.

They distribute to 90,000 mailboxes in the Lake Houston area.

"It's full market saturation. We hit every home, every business every apartment," said Heineman.

Their staff also gets involved in their communities.

"It's sort of up to my writers to be out in the communities that they cover," said Managing Editor Matt Stephens. "Attending school board meetings, attending city council meetings, meeting with local experts, community, leaders, residents, and finding out what's happening out in the community."

For more on Community Impact, visit their website.

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