Wife finds husband shot to death outside apartment in southwest Houston

Friday, June 15, 2018
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A man's wife is left heartbroken after she found her husband shot to death outside their apartment, police say.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston police say a wife found her husband shot to death after he tried to break up a fight outside their apartment complex in southwest Houston.

This happened around 11 p.m. at the Windsor Park Apartments on Creekbend Drive.

According to authorities, the victim's wife said she let him into their apartment when he came home from work and she went back to bed.

Her husband later heard an argument downstairs and checked to see what was going on. Moments later, two shots were fired.

His wife also told officials she heard her husband ask, "Do you need help?" before going downstairs.

Police say she went to check on him after hearing the shots. That's when she discovered him dead in the parking lot.

He was shot once in the head and another time in the abdomen.

Family friends called 911 after the wife ran to a neighboring apartment.

"Obviously, she's devastated right now. She's being consoled by some family friends that are next door that she ran to. That helped her out. They were pretty vigilant about helping her and calling police," said Det. Shaun Sylvester with the Houston Police Department.

Two men were seen running from the scene.

Authorities say it didn't appear that the victim, who was in his 30s, had been robbed.

Detectives say there was a woman who might have been outside at the time of the shooting. They plan to interview her to see if she saw anything.

Police advise calling them in a situation like this to avoid any trouble.

"If you see someone arguing downstairs, it would probably be the best thing to call police. Call the local number, or the regular dispatch number, say there's an argument going on downstairs. Or if there's security in your area, call them, so that they can help out. So you don't get involved and become a victim like this," Det. Sylvester said.

If you have any information, contact Crime Stoppers or the Houston Police Department.

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