Couple who turned 100, celebrated 79 years of marriage die hours apart

ByAshley Kirklen, CNNWire
Friday, December 16, 2022
ABC7 Eyewitness News
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HAMILTON, Ohio -- A love story for the ages.

You may have read fairytale love stories or even seen them in a movie, but few are lucky enough to experience the love that Hubert and June Malicote shared for as long as they did.

Their daughter, Jo, and her siblings had a front-row seat.

"It was a fairytale of just happiness. We are the three most blessed children ever," she said.

The two youngsters met at church and married in 1943, it was just before Hubert was shipped off to war.

Seventy-nine years of marriage, three children, seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren later, the pair loved each other until their dying day.

"I just think dad was, he was aware that mom's time was limited and I just believe that he was ready to go with her," Jo Malicote said.

In August, June was diagnosed with a heart condition. Doctors said she probably wouldn't make it past the end of the year.

June became ill with a UTI in October and never fully recovered. Jo said her father was the picture of health at his age, but says he died of a broken heart.

"He literally, I think, just willed himself to go on ahead of her and he went 20 hours ahead of her," Jo said.

He held his wife's hand on his deathbed. Jo says the family comforted their mother in her final hours.

"We sang to her, we read scriptures to her and we gave her permission to go on, to be with daddy," Jo said.

Their visitation and funeral was held Thursday, Dec. 8 at the Eaton Road Church of God in Hamilton.

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