How to escape your car if you're caught in a flash flood

Thursday, April 21, 2016
How To Escape Flooded Car
How to escape a flooded car

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Several drivers became trapped inside their cars this week after driving into flood waters. In emergencies like these, there are tools that can help drivers escape.

Eyewitness News Reporter Kaitlin McCulley was able to break the driver's side window from the inside using a tool called the "resqhammer." It cost about $29 at Bering's Hardware on Bissonnet.

Check out the demonstration here:

Another tool that may be handy if the driver is completely submerged in water inside the car is a tool called "keychain Resqme tool." The device is spring-loaded, so it does not require a user to strike the window.

A company called Houston Junk Car Buyer provided a flooded car to use for the demonstration.