Think warm thoughts: Houstonians rush for cold weather comfort food as temps drop

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As the cold weather hits, some Houstonians are going to their favorite food spots to feed their winter cravings.

On Thursday, two different Houston restaurants along Main Street and Airline had a rush of customers asking for their signature hot soups.

Charles Porter, who was dining in at Spanish Flowers, said there are two foods he always makes sure he has when temperatures get below 40 degrees.

"This type of weather, cans of chili or soup," Porter said. "It makes you tired and hungry. That's what (cold weather) does."

At Spanish Flowers, the cold weather has brought even more business inside the restaurant.

"We like to make customers feel at home," said Angello Zetter, Spanish Flowers customer service manager.

They also had a list of Thursday's specials, which had customers' cold-weather favorites, including their classic Mexican hot chocolate.

"They are asking a lot for our menudo with our barbacoa tacos. The caldo de res," Zetter said. "Also our favorite fajitas, which is perfect for the cold weather."

Viewers on ABC13's Facebook page commented they crave cold foods like, ice cream and a six-pack of cold brew when the temperatures drop.

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