Former Texans player reunites woman with lost wallet

Thursday, May 18, 2017
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Former Texans player returns wallet to woman, Deborah Wrigley reports.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It can happen when you're in a hurry. You have packages, or a child waiting to get into a car seat.

You put your wallet, or your purse, on top of your car and forget it.

By the time you arrive home, it's almost always too late.

That's what happened to Sarah Muller last week. She, her husband and their young daughter drove to Houston from Missouri City to meet family for dinner. The last time Muller saw her wallet was when she was paying the valet, just before she put her child in the car.

"When I got home, it was gone. I called the restaurant. No one had turned it in," she said.

Monday, it was returned -- which is where the real story begins.

Matt Turk is a former Houston Texan, who spent 19 years in the NFL. He last played for the Texans in 2011.

Last week, he was driving 60 mph on the Fort Bend Toll Road when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

He does have a sharp eye and for good reason.

"I had to keep my eyes on the ball and on 11 guys who were looking to kill me," he laughed.

That keen vision is why something caught his eye on the toll road.

"I saw a Louis Vitton and what looked like a wallet. That's how fast I went by," Turk said.

A few days passed, torrential rains came and went. On Monday, Turk was driving on the same section of the toll road.

"I saw it again," he said. "I couldn't believe it would still be there. I slowed down and I snatched it on the roll."

When Muller and her husband returned home Monday evening, they found Turk's business card on their front door.

"I think I found your driver's license," it read. "Call me if it's yours."

She did.

Sarah and her husband met Turk and his wife at a nearby store.

"I brought my wife, just so they wouldn't be scared," he said.

The wallet still had the cash Muller had when she lost it, as well as her credit cards and license. It also had a couple of tread marks on it, where it had been run over in traffic.

"My husband knew who he was, he's the sports fan in the family," she said. "It was such a nice thing for him to do."

In return, they posted a story on the punter who paused on a toll road to retrieve a wallet and return it. They also enrolled in Turk's new business called It negotiates lower rates for utility and cellphone plans.

He appreciates the gesture.

"I won't necessarily find lost wallets, though," he laughed. "In this case it worked out."

Another coincidence: the Mullers and Turks live only a couple of miles apart.

"I think God intended for me to find it," he added.