8-year-old reportedly shot by man during argument in Houston's south side: HPD

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston police are searching for the man who allegedly shot an 8-year-old boy Friday evening on Houston's southeast side.

The shooting in the 7800 block of Tierwester near the South Loop brought Houston police with their guns drawn. Eyewitnesses told ABC13 it started as an argument while children were playing around 6:15 p.m. The kids got their parents involved and it escalated.

"All of a sudden, he comes back and there were five or six shots. He was running away and the lady was chasing him and she also shot at him and said, 'You shot my baby,'" said an eyewitness who asked not be be identified.

The man ran back to his apartment and the 8-year-old boy, who was shot in the knee, was rushed to the hospital by a neighbor.

When police arrived, they surrounded the home where they thought the shooter was and ordered everyone around out with their hands up. A woman and a young girl emerged.

After several searches, police determined the apartment was empty.

"We haven't found him," said HPD's Lt. Ronnie Wilkins. "We're still working on who shot who."

Police say the boy underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

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