Suspect accused of following victim home from bank hid in nearby day care, HPD says

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Thursday, November 10, 2022
Suspect who followed victim from bank hid in nearby day care, HPD says
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This was not the first jugging case this week. Video from an incident on Monday shows a woman being dragged while she unloaded her groceries after going through an ATM.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Police are reminding the public to stay aware as they leave the bank after two jugging incidents this week in Houston.

Jugging is when robbers follow customers from a bank and try to rob them of their cash.

In a case on Wednesday, police said a suspect tried hiding in a day care in northwest Houston.

Houston police said three suspects followed a person home in the 10700 block of Ranchstone.

Thankfully, officers were able to stop the suspects before they approached their victim. Officers arrested two of the suspects, while the third one ran into a day care to get away.

The suspect who took off on foot was eventually taken into custody with the assistance of K-9s and police helicopters.

No one was hurt, but police said it is a good reminder to be extra careful and pay attention to anyone following you after you leave the bank.

If you feel like you are being followed, police say you should keep driving and call 911.

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A victim in another jugging incident earlier this week was not as lucky.

Surveillance video only on 13 shows a woman being robbed in her own driveway as she unloaded her groceries.

The suspect parked in the middle of the street and waited before running out of his car. He then dragged the 59-year-old woman down and took off with her purse that had about $1,000 of cash inside.

This attack happened in the woman's driveway in southeast Houston on Monday afternoon -- just after she had gone through an ATM at First Service Credit Union off Clearwood Drive and the Gulf Freeway, according to her son.

Her son said she is at home recovering after being hospitalized for her injuries.

Police said the suspect has not been caught.

"It's really disappointing, really scary," her son said. "I just feel like we need to bring justice to this individual, just for all the pain and suffering, which I'm noticing is the biggest thing she's going through."

According to our ABC13 Neighborhood Safety Tracker, there have been 187 robberies in the last 12 months in the area which includes Almeda Mall, Southridge, Edgebrook and South Houston Gardens. That's actually down compared to the three-year average of 202 in that area.

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