Former HCC teacher accuses top college leaders of sexual harassment

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Saturday, July 10, 2021
Former HCC teacher accuses top college leaders of sexual harassment
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After a former teacher claimed top leaders at HCC engaged in "repetitive bullying and sexual exploitation of female employees," the college fired back with its own set of allegations.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman accusing top leaders at Houston Community College of sexual harassment claimed in a new lawsuit that they engaged in "repetitive, flagrant bullying and sexual exploitation of female employees."

Now, the college is firing back with its own set of allegations.

The lawsuit was filed by former English teacher, Patricia Dodd, and names Chancellor Cesar Maldonado and Trustee Robert Glaser.

Dodd said she met Glaser, a married man, at a school event.

She said he began texting her, and months later, asked to pick her up at home so they could go to a bar.

Dodd said she woke up in her bed naked the next morning, unaware of what happened.

She said Glaser later told her they kissed, according to the lawsuit.

Dodd claimed Glaser became possessive and insisted he be copied on her work-related emails.

According to the lawsuit, he pledged to help her with administrative problems at the school in exchange for a sexual relationship.

He allegedly justified this, claiming Maldonado was sexually harassing one of his female employees.

"There are some grotesque allegations in this case," said Benjamin Lewis Hall III. Dodd's attorney. "They are beneath the dignity of the offices these men hold."

ABC13 reached out to HCC for comment, but they said Dodd has two previous arrests she did not report, which violated school policy.

Dodd was arrested in May 2019 for allegedly punching her niece in the face. The college said when they found out, she was warned she could be terminated for not reporting it.

Then this past April, Dodd was arrested for allegedly hitting an elderly man with a broom. The college said she didn't report that either.

The school said they tried to meet with Dodd to discuss the arrest in April, but her attorney kept rescheduling.

On May 10, her lawyer filed a discrimination complaint with the sexual harassment claims.

The college said Dodd was told 11 days later her contract would not be renewed because of her arrests.

"The double standards here. One is, she has never been convicted of anything for which she has been arrested," said Lewis Hall.

HCC said it is investigating the harassment claims but said Dodd has refused to participate.

ABC13 reached Glaser on the phone. He told us he could not comment, but Maldonado sent us a statement telling us he was unaware of any relationship between Glaser and a college employee until it was recently reported to him.

"Any allegation of my having an inappropriate relationship with a college employee is false," said Maldonado.

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