Astros' interpreter is both a key voice and crucial set of eyes for team

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Thursday, October 28, 2021
Astros' interpreter is key voice and crucial set of eyes for team
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Meet Andrew Dunn-Bauman, the trusted voice for the Astros' Spanish-speaking players as well as the team's eyes.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- He's the trusted voice for the Astros' Spanish-speaking players. But it was another voice, a Major League Baseball executive, who told Andrew Dunn-Bauman he had two options if he wanted to advance his career in baseball.

"You either have to learn coding or learn Spanish," Dunn-Bauman recalled. "I didn't feel like sitting behind a computer for hours-a-day coding."

So, instead, he learned Spanish.

A Wisconsin native with no prior knowledge of the language, Dunn-Bauman moved to Mexico for five months to become fluent. Five years later, he's in his second season as Coordinator of Baseball Operations and Bilingual Media for the Astros.

"When I first started translating for these guys I was a little bit more on edge, a little bit more nervous, especially not being a native speaker," Dunn-Bauman admitted. "But it's one of those things, just with repetition, you believe in yourself and the abilities you have. You don't think about the pressure of the situation."

Interpreting for players, sometimes live on TV for millions of viewers, is not the only pressure-packed part of Dunn-Bauman's job. He's also in charge of the Astros' video replay, which means he has 20 seconds to tell the coaches if they should challenge a close play.

"It's a lot, especially since this year is the first year you only have 20 seconds," Dunn-Bauman explained. "Anytime we have a close play, bench coach Joe Espada will call down and ask what we've got. So you have 20 seconds to review 15 or 20 camera angles."

A single play can decide the game, or here in the postseason: decide the series. Therefore Dunn-Bauman has to be on his game for every pitch.

"You're locked in at all times," he noted. "You really don't have time to even second-guess yourself. Whatever your gut instinct is, you have to follow that and make the call pretty quick."

So Dunn-Bauman is a trusted voice, and also the trusted eyes for the Astros.

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