Humble family fighting HOA fines over pickup truck parked in their driveway

HUMBLE, Texas (KTRK) -- A family in Humble is turning to Eyewitness News to help them in a fight against their homeowners' association.

Bobby and Sonya Sykes say they were told by Kenswick HOA that their truck is a commercial vehicle, and that it is a nuisance to their neighbors.

They say the truck stays in their driveway and doesn't block the sidewalk.

"I contacted you guys because we want some kind of resolution," said Sonya.

The couple is facing fines for having the truck.

"It has me to the point where I talked to my wife about it and I thought about moving," said Bobby.

They received a letter from Kenswick HOA that called the truck a "nuisance to other residents by reason of parking a commercial vehicle in the community."

Eyewitness News checked with the manufacturer Isuzu and the Texas Department of Public Safety, and found that the truck does not qualify as a commercial vehicle under state law.

It has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), or weight limit, of 14,500 lbs. In Texas, a truck has to exceed 26,000 lbs to be considered a commercial vehicle.

"My concern is just why should we have to go spend extra money to try to rectify a situation that's really not even a violation," said Sonya.

Kenswick HOA rules are enforced by a company called Community Asset Management.

Eyewitness News went by their office with some questions. We were told the people that could help us were not available.

We also emailed the company, but have not received a response.

"I mean, we had it over a year and this is the first time it's come up," said Bobby. "They say it's a nuisance to the neighbors, but everybody else who's heard of it says it's nonsense."

The Sykes say a vehicle in their own driveway should be the least of the HOA's worries.

"It's not bothering anybody," said Bobby.

The HOA letter says the Sykes could be responsible for the HOA's attorney fees if the problem isn't resolved.

They were already charged for the postage and handling of the letter.
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