Man arrested after allegedly stealing more than $30K worth of merchandise from Home Depot stores

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Harris County Precinct 1 Constables office has arrested a man accused of stealing more than $30,000 worth of merchandise from at least 15 Home Depot stores across the Houston area.

Juan Carlos Lopez, 32, was arrested Friday morning.

Lopez is accused of switching low-cost price tags with high dollar price tags on items such as generators, welding equipment, chainsaws and paint sprayers. Deputies say he purchased the items from Home Depot, then pawned the equipment for a profit.

Eyewitness News was present when Lopez was escorted out of Precinct 1 in handcuffs. ABC13 reporter Courtney Fischer asked Lopez if he had anything to say about the charges.

"I have nothing to say," Lopez said over and over again, shrugging his shoulders.

He did not deny or confess to the charges.

Investigators say to them, Lopez confessed, though deputies would not reveal what he said.

"It's still under investigation. We know a few things right now," said Deputy Joseph Bowden. "We know there was some price tag swapping."

Bowden went on to say Lopez has been running this scam for quite some time. Bowden is working with Home Depot, reviewing surveillance video of Lopez inside the store.

"The more I look into it, I've learned we're going back a couple years. He has been arrested for it before," Bowden said.

Lopez could face more charges, and there could be more arrests. Investigators are looking into the possibility that more people could be involved. They are also investigating the pawn shop, Cash America, where Lopez allegedly pawned many of the items.

Lopez has been arrested many times before. He has close to 30 mug shots. Past charges include: trespassing, theft, assault of a family member and soliciting prostitution.

Precinct 1 says Harris County Sheriff's Office has a warrant out for Lopez regarding similar theft charges.

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Man accused of stealing more than $30K worth of items from Houston-area stores

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