Teacher training conference at NRG turns into chaos 2 weeks before HISD begins new school year

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023
EMS, overcrowding, and chaos at HISD teacher training
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Houston ISD had a teacher training conference at NRG Stadium where people were turned away from sessions and packed into hallways.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The drama and confusion continue in Houston ISD less than two weeks from the start of the school year.

On Tuesday, teacher training at NRG stadium was chaos as people were turned away from sessions and packed into hallways.

ABC13 talked to a handful of teachers who told us Monday and Tuesday were unacceptable. But when asked to go on record, they told us they feared being fired by the district for speaking up.

At the training, hundreds of HISD teachers packed into hallways, turned away from overcrowded classes, and one person was wheeled away from the stadium by EMS after a panic attack.

"I have never, in my career, seen something like this," Michelle Williams, an HISD teacher, said.

Williams works with the teachers' advocacy group, the Houston Teachers Association. She said she had been at training all day and hadn't been able to make it into a single seminar or session.

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"I was trying to keep a positive outlook, as well as for our members, but (Tuesday) it has just been chaos," Williams said.

Teachers off camera told ABC13 they found this unacceptable and fear children won't get the education they deserve under the new HISD administration if this is the greeting staff is getting.

"My confidence probably was at a five, but now it's a three because they are not listening to the people that were here in HISD," Williams said.

And those in attendance worry, if teacher confidence is low before the school year has begun, what will teacher turnover look like once it does?

"The reality is, it takes a lot of people to steer this ship," Williams said.

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