Find the golden cupcake and reap the sweet reward

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It's the most wonderful time of year and possibly the sweetest day of the year, National Cupcake Day! To celebrate, every Sprinkles location will be handing out a single cupcake filled with golden sprinkles.

Whoever finds the magical golden cupcake is entitled to the sweetest reward of all: a $100 Sprinkles gift card.

But before you head out to play the cupcake lottery, you might consider heading to the back of the Sprinkles building to check out one of Houston's most unique spots for dessert lovers.

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The Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Highland Village is nestled behind the Apple Store near the corner of Westheimer and Drexel. At any time of day, cupcake fiends can get their hands on freshly baked cupcakes, cookies and brownies.

Upon arrival, customers are greeted with a touchscreen that displays the baked goods available that day. Customers then make their selections, swipe their credit card (each item runs around $4) and stand by while the Sprinkles magic takes over.

A robotic arm then retrieves your goodies, which pop out of the pleasant pink contraption within 30 seconds.

Houston's hidden cupcake oasis is one of only a dozen nationwide.
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