'He's my guardian angel': 9-year-old uses jack to get car off neighbor

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Man trapped under a car calls the boy who saved him "his guardian angel." (KTRK)

A 9-year-old boy in South Carolina sprung into action Saturday and used a car jack to lift a fallen vehicle off his neighbor.

Allen Clemmons was working on his Mustang when it dropped off the supports, leaving him trapped and yelling for help.

His neighbor, Malachi, heard him and thought quickly enough to lift the car before running for help.

"He's my guardian angel," Clemmons said.

Despite being cooped up in a hospital bed, Clemmons says he's blessed to even be alive.

"After it fell on me, I kept hollering and I couldn't get nobody there," he said.

He told WIS-TV that he was trapped under the car for an hour and a half before giving it one more shot.

"I asked god to help me, give me one more holler and send an angel by my way," Clemmons said. "And I hollered the last time and then I gave up."

According to Clemmons, that's when he says his 9-year-old guardian angel appeared.

"He was saying help. I think he was saying he was stuck up under something but I didn't know what he was talking about," Malachi said.

Malachi used a nearby jack to get the car off of him.

"He pushed it up under the car, tightened it back up and I don't know how he did it but that little fella, the rod was about two feet long on that jack and he jacked that car completely up off me," Clemmons told WIS-TV.

Malachi says he then ran home to get help.

"When the tow truck came they got another jack and pulled him out," Malachi said.

Clemmons was then airlifted to the hospital where he's recovering from six broken ribs and a fractured pelvis.

He is expected to make a full recovery.
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