Patients at Shriners Hospital to be gifted with therapeutic tricycles

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The holidays might be over, but it's going to feel like Christmas morning this weekend for a group of kids who need help getting around.

Ambucs, out of Longview, Texas, is spending the next two days assembling tricycles. The trikes are custom-built to help people with mobility issues get around.

"You would not believe the joy that you see on their face," Ambucs member Paul Herring said.

The trikes also add excitement for their parents, because they average around $700. The giveaway is Saturday, but Herring didn't have to wait until then to see the trikes' power.

On Friday, dozens of kids rode them around Shriners Hospital for Children in Houston. They are devices that therapists say are great for kids, but work wonders on anyone who struggles to move.

"Obviously, somebody who has a disability that affects their legs," Shriner's Hospital for Children in Houston physical therapist Eryn Housinger said. "They also have bikes where you can pedal with your arms. So if somebody has had a spinal cord injury, somebody who has poor balance and maybe can't balance a two-wheeled bicycle would benefit from it."

Ambucs has spent four months getting the trikes, money, and names of children ready.

To learn more about Ambucs and how to get a tricycle, click here.

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