How lying on the ground can make you a better runner

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- After a long run, one of the best things you can do for your body is to lie down.

But the key to restorative success lies in your feet -- or rather, with your feet lying up the wall, according to Frances Kellerman, a local marathoner and instructor at Yogaleena Studio in River Oaks.

"If you can't do anything else after a long run, do this," Kellerman said.

The simple pose, also known as a leg drain, requires a runner to position their legs and feet higher than their heart. Most runners lie with their back on the floor and their legs situated vertically up the wall (hence the name 'legs up the wall').

"Gravity is drawing the blood that you've built up in your legs after a run back to your core and your heart, so your heart doesn't have to work so hard," Kellerman explained.

As an added bonus, Kellerman says the restorative pose supports the body's adrenal glands.

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