Library employees creating PPE for Memorial Hermann healthcare workers

As Memorial Hermann Hospital workers focus on treating many of our sickest COVID19 patients, help is coming from unexpected places.

"It puts manufacturing in the hands of the individual," explained Rachel Reed, an Innovation Lab Specialist with the Harris County Public Library System.

Reed and other library employees are creating personal protective equipment.

And they're doing it from home.

"I just looked around in the lab and thought it would be such a waste to leave these 3D printers for what we originally thought was going to be maybe a couple of weeks, which is now a month or more," Reed explained, "when we could be helping people."

They're 3D printing plastic headbands that will be added to donations of plastic coverings, elastic, and padding to make face shields.

"While we can't make or fix everything, this is something that we can do," she said.

"We are absolutely heartened by the support and generosity of the Houston community! We have received, and continue to, a wealth of personal protective equipment from all corners of the community," read a statement from Memorial Hermann. "We appreciate the thoughtfulness and generosity of all who donated. While great challenges lay ahead, we are encouraged and confident knowing that Houston is in this together."

If you have a 3D printer or other similar tools, you might be able to help, too!

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