95% of all homes in Harris County saw a property value increase

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Friday, April 14, 2023
Harris County homes see property value increase in 2023
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Some properties could see an increase in their taxes due to the value, but this year, there could be some relief.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Property appraisals are arriving, leaving some homeowners looking for relief, which could be coming soon from Austin. If you own a home, your yearly appraisal notice should be arriving.

"I was surprised," homeowner Nick Hernandez recalled. "Seeing these prices rising and rising every year. Just about every year. It's getting ridiculous."

In Harris County, the appraisal district told ABC13 that 95% of all home values went up. Higher values mean you could pay more in taxes.

To combat this, you could file a protest by May 15. There's also something else that could happen in May that could help as well.

"I would love that," homeowner Letty said. "Yes, definitely. That would help a lot. Us and the older people that already retired."

The Texas legislature is considering property tax relief. It would send around $15 billion to schools, allowing districts to lower property taxes.

"That's part of the budget surplus," Rice University political science professor Mark Jones explained. "Right now, we have a $33 billion surplus for the current biennium."

The House's plan targets the cap that goes towards your appraisal. Right now, it's at 10%, but they want it cut in half. This would apply to homeowners and businesses, which means landlords could potentially lower rent.

Although the Senate wants to increase the amount, the homestead exemption can lower your appraisal.

"Republicans cannot leave Austin in May without property tax relief passing," Jones said. "If they fail to do so, then that's a guaranteed special session."

If lawmakers agree on a bill, it doesn't mean property tax relief is coming. It would have to go to a vote this November.

However, the last time a property tax relief was up for grabs, voters overwhelmingly approved it.

"The reality is, I'm to the point I want to sell my property because I just can't afford my taxes," Hernandez said.

A rapid increase, experts say, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, and more people moving to Texas, causing home prices to soar.

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