Google Maps rolls out edit feature to add new streets

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Friday, March 19, 2021
Google Maps app unveils new edit feature to add streets
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No, you won't be able to rename your own street, but the popular mapping app will allow you to notify its team about newly built neighborhoods and streets in your area.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Getting around will soon be easier for Google Maps users, the company plans to give you the power to update the map to fill in missing streets.

Those of you in new neighborhoods will probably like it, and so will your invited guests.

"It is easy to get lost anyway in these new communities," said realtor Christi Borden.

The Katy area knows new master planned communities often get built well before the mapping apps learn the streets even exist. It can cause problems to anyone searching for an address in those areas.

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Now, Google Maps is about to launch an update that will allow users to fill in the missing gaps.

The company says when you find a missing road, you can select "edit map," then "missing road," and draw the street, name it, and add the direction of travel.

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The WAZE app has allowed users to do this for years. Now that Google owns WAZE, the feature will have a wider reach.

Christi, who is a WAZE user, said she's happy that the power is expanding to correct mapping mistakes.

"I tell everyone, 'I'm a great negotiator, but navigator? Not so much,' so it takes a lot of stress off people in my profession," said Borden.

A team will verify the street location and name, so don't try to change the name of your existing street.

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