How a goat sale at a youth fair is inspiring others

WHARTON COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- When you ask people what happened at the Wharton County Youth Fair over the weekend, you'll get a lot of responses.

Some tears, maybe.

A smile.

Possibly, even a story.

"I started crying when they hit $21,000 because that was just amazing," Angela Peters said.

Angela's daughters, Hailey and Ashlyn, have both been involved in the Wharton County Youth Fair for years.

This year, after spending several months raising her Grand Champion goat, 13-year-old Ashlyn decided to donate all the proceeds from the sale.

But, even after the sale, money kept coming in from the community, adding up to more than $45,000.

"I'm just so glad that we could help someone that really needed it," Ashlyn explained.

She's giving the money to Cyndi Blaha, who has been the coordinator at the Youth Fair for more than 20 years, but is now in the hospital.

"The whole fair all week has been praying for her," Angela explained. "They've been giving updates for her. Just the events of Thursday, her health issue has come to that point, that just hit home to us, and that just got them thinking."

"This right here just sets an example for other people in our community, because we saw this go down in San Antonio, and we brought it back to our county," added 15-year-old Hailey. "I hope somebody can take what we did and go do something good for someone else, and it just keeps going."

If you'd like to add to the donation, you can contribute on the Wharton County Youth Fair website.

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