GIPHY ranks the most viewed gifs of 2017

No matter how you pronounce "gif" - like the peanut butter brand or with the "g" in "gift" - the moving image file has presented some great and hilarious moments over this year.

The use of gifs has been so widespread that the foremost social media applications have added an option to use gifs in comments, tweets, and posts.

Giphy, a searchable database for every gif ever, said more than 2 billion gifs have been shared every day this year. The website ranked the most viewed gifs.

At the top of the list is Love Gnome by Anna Hrachovecc. It was seen 340 million times, and it combines the worlds of knitting and stop motion to present a heartfelt image.

The top three is rounded out by White Guy Blinking, seen 226 million times, and DNCE's Waving Pug, a favorite at 215 million views.

Check out what else made the list in the video.

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