Keep pests out with these affordable tips that don't involve an exterminator

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Affordable ways to keep pests out this fall
Don't want to pay the cost of an exterminator? Here are some affordable ways to keep pests out this fall season.

The fall season brings cooler weather and whole host of pests you don't want in our home, and keeping them out doesn't have to be pricey or involve an exterminator.

To keep mice and rats out, a couple of bait boxes around the outside walls of your home and along your fence line can do the trick.

Rodents typically move along walls and fences to protect themselves from predators.

"Put some glue boards around the entry points to your home, whether it is an outside shed or your garage, especially if it is detached from your home," said Jason Baker with Solutions Pest and Lawn. "They like to get in there in all the nooks and crannies when you are not in there."

You can also use glue boards to keep cockroaches out of your home.

All the supplies can be found at pest supply stores. It can also be done by yourself and without an exterminator.

Another pest you'll want to be aware of is fungus that can invade your lawn.

"We had a lot of rain recently, so putting down a good fungicide now will prevent problems like brown patch and stuff from taking hold," Baker said. "As our lawn starts to go dormant in the winter time, then as fungus starts to set in, it makes it hard to fight off."

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