City workers go beyond collecting trash to help students

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Galveston sanitation department does more than collect trash. They also collect cash to help the community.

Recently, the department donated money to help Ball High School student athletes.

"Oh, I was very grateful," said driver Rodney Hudson. "I didn't even think twice about it."

Hudson isn't the only sanitation employee to make a difference. In all, the entire department collected $500. That money will be given to the school's football team help pay for food, travel and equipment.

"It may not be much, it may not be a lot, but to the next person, it might be a whole lot," said sanitation operator Joel Wade.

"Be open to people, and if you can help them, help them, because you never know when you're going to need help," said driver Ernest Wells.

That mentality is what the entire department has adopted. Every Wednesday, they pass a hat around and collect cash to help people in need. Recently, it was supervisor Albert Bernard's grandson, who's on the Ball High football team, who got lucky.

"It makes me feel good," Bernard said. "It makes the guys out here feel good."

A generous gift that the former athletes, including Hudson, know will make a difference.

Thanks to those who keep the city of Galveston clean, the lights at Ball High School's football field will be a little brighter this year.

"Anytime you get a chance to help somebody, even if it's just one kid, it's grateful," Hudson said.

The department said they have no intentions of slowing down. With the holidays approaching, the crew is already collecting cash to make a difference this season.

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