Popular Mexican restaurant, 93-year-old flower shop threatened by road construction

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Galveston project will bring much needed improvements to a stretch of road, but some business owners fear they won't make it to the finish.

After 10 years, sales at Mi Abuelitas aren't what they used to be. Owner Sara Asocar said she's losing $5,000 in revenue a week.

It's not because of a bad review, but what's taking place outside.

"They did it April first, and it feels like it's a big joke," Asocar said.

Galveston is currently upgrading 45th Street. City officials said a drainage addition has prolonged the process.

Instead of 12 months, construction is expected to last for more than a year and a half. It's a timeline that impacts more than food sales.

Knapp Flower Shop has been on 45th Street since 1926. Manager Rachel Houston said the demand isn't what it used to be and the only color her customers see is brown.

"We're covered in dust. Our van is covered in dust," Houston explained. "There are mud puddles customers have to walk through when they're coming in to see us."

Houston said sales are down, but the store has no plans of closing. The same isn't true for Mi Abuelitas, where the owner doesn't believe she can make it until next December for roadwork to be done.

"All I want for Christmas is my street to be done," Asocar said. "That's it."

Galveston sent Eyewitness News a statement on the road project.

"The timeline for the 45th Street project is substantial completion by December 2020. To date, the contractor has completed the installation of new water lines and sanitary sewer lines. They are working on the installation of an expanded underground storm sewer system, which will improve drainage along the corridor. Once the drainage work is complete, street paving will begin. Paving is scheduled to be complete November 2020. The City of Galveston is closely monitoring work on this corridor and working with the contractor to ensure the timeliest completion possible. The extended timeline is the result of the installation of a drainage system, which did not previously exist in this roadway. Galveston is an old city and it's not uncommon to have unexpected challenges during construction projects. The underground drainage component was added after the start of the project. We understand that this project is a major inconvenience to businesses and residents in this area and can assure the public we are doing all we can to move the project along. After completion, the roadway will be a significant improvement to the corridor."

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